A Wag's Progress

A Wag's Progress is a study of the woods through popular culture of the 20th Century. The book presents three different genres: the fairy tale, nature hobby crafts, and the field guide. Like a primer, each section teaches a lesson: obedience and modesty in Red Riding Hood, industry and resourcefulness through hobby crafts, and in the field guide, close observation as the first lesson in science. Studio photographs of simple bark forms provide rests between each section. 

The “wag” in the title is from British slang and refers to an idle joker of sorts that is “inclined toward dalliance, or to wander, rather than to move with purpose.” It also offers a clue on the best way to approach the book with its non-linear structure and narrative.

A Wag's Progress was produced at Pyramid Atlantic, Silver Springs, MD. It was printed on Epson Watercolor Radiant White on an Epson Stylus Photo 2200. Edition: 10